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Jesus is Coming this Way!!


Jesus is Coming this Way
Pastor Didi draws important lessons from Zacchaeus’ life that helps anyone including a sinner who thinks there’s no hope for them to see and experience God’s love, and forgiveness. He also shows us the other side of Jesus that’s not often preached.

If Only You Believe


 (Part I) –          I have told you God’s mind for 2010 concerning you. Believe is the one thing you will need to make this year what God has already decided for you! –          We think we believe until you come face to face with Jesus and what it really it is to believe by Scriptural […]

The Operations of Faith


Text:  Hebrews 11:1-3   Introduction: The principle of faith is so key to our Christian understanding of ourselves, our callings, and what we could possibly do and become in relations to God and the world around us. It seems to me, from the facts of Scriptures that with out faith Christian life and living is […]