At Good Word Revival Church, our goal is to cater for the whole-person: spirit, body & Soul. We strongly encourage people’s participation for healthy spiritual growth, social interaction, and bodily fitness. We also believe it is a great way to get to know people and to also build rewarding friendship. By your participation, you discover and exercise your God-given gifts and talents in worshiping God and serving your community.

Apart from our regular church services, there are a plenty of things for everyone to do; some already in place and others are quickly developing. We are happy for you to freely join one or more of our church-life groups and activities as soon as possible:

Sony HXR-NX5E - £3000 Media Team: our media team is responsible for live video and audio recording, editting  and delivery for Good Word TV broadcast. The Media Team are responsible for anything audio-visual and print creation, and they are a vital extension of the pastoral/ evangelistic ministry of the Church. 

worhip Worship Team: are responsible  for leading praise & worship with songs and instruments in the Church during regular church services. They minister with the pastor and the pastoral team. They meet and practice during the week and before services actually begin.

new youth logo2 Youth & Young Adult Ministry: this is the youth wing of the Church, and it’s called STRONG Youth. Definitely, the ‘energy, power and passion house’ of the Church. It focus is to discover and develop Godly women and men of tomorrow who will faithfully serve and lead their generation. Their name STRONG is an acrony, and captures the character of the group. It means:  “You are a Survival who walks in Trust & Righteousness. You are Original, Neighbourly & Godly. The group’s annual gathering and celebration is dubed as  “Strong Conference”.

love  The Upper Room Experience (TURE): TURE for short brings students together to help them get fully integrated into the life of the Church. Part of its important activities is to encourage and to provide students an informal platform to interact freely as students and at the same time serve within the Church family. Under TURE, students plan and execute vital activities, including the holding of special services that will help them develop their gifts and talents within the Church, for the community. TURE is principally the student hub of the Church with their own annual BBCourse and Movie-Night programe.

gym1jp  Health & Fitness Club: as a vital part of the Church’s health and well-being program, we have provided a small indoor gym fitted with exercise equipment and flatscreen for members. Of course, every person wishing to use the gym goes through a carefully planned induction prgram to help them make good use of the available facility .

 King's Kids logo (children Department)  King’s Kids Club: is the ‘sunday school’ and looks after the kids of the Church to allow parents to fully participate in worship services and to serve in their respective roles when they attend Church.

blackberryjp  Blackberry Bush Course: the BBCourse is a great way to investigate more about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Christian Faith in a free, friendly and supportive setting. It allows you to explore important questions such as “Who is Jesus?”; “What is the Bible?”, and “How can we have faith?”.Because the course is informal and the environment designed to help people relax, there is no pressure for you to do anything, but to be yourself!

prayer-on-my-knees4-1024x679  Intercessory Team (P.U.S.H): Good Word ministries is built on the power of prayer and the Word of God. PUSH represents, ‘praying until something happens’. Our Intercessory team is fully engaged and prays weekly on Mondays and Fridays in the evening for the Church, our city, country and important issues that regard spiritual revival  within the Body of Christ, and also for personal needs.

hope  Hospital Visitation Team: currently this team visits our local hospital to be of services to inmates who require prayer or spiritual support, friendship and light conversation.

lrg-291-kieran_'s_2  Sports Club: the Church is working on its  football & Basketball teams called Disciples United. We have had the awesome opportunity to have a Primier League player, Mr. Kieran Richarson as a member of our Church. We still enjoy that connection and are inspired to raise a world class football and basketball teams to be able to compete in competitive leagues around the Country 

youth ministry  Noble Men Club: well, ‘men are men’, but at Good Word Ministries, they are ‘noble men’ with every intention to please God, walk in intergrity, love their wives and take care of their family. Men shine in Good Word Ministries. Good Word Noble Men Club is an informal gathering of men to work together and to harness their strength in order to support the cause and vision of God through the Church.

Joy  Leading Ladies Choir: Women know how to praise and worship their Maker. Just like the ‘Noble Men Club’, Good Word Ministries’ women are  ‘Leading Ladies’ who take their inspiration from the Bible in which ‘Leading Women’ were first mentioned before it became poplar. Our ladies have organised themselves a brilliant choir to help the Praise & Worship Team. Occasionaly they feature in Sunday worship services and our conferences. 

children's world for website  Hospitality Staff (Ushers & Helpers): these are those with the awesome responsibility to help ‘make things happen’. Let’s call them the talented ‘gate kepers’ and the ‘faces of Good Word Ministries’. We depend on them to help make our guests and fellow church members feel welcomed and comfortable the moment they arrive at Good Word Ministries. They  have an awesome task and are a lovely bunch!

God is love ID (International Day) Day Gathering. as a church and God’s children, we embrace and appreciate diversity! IDD was deliberately formed with students in mind, to help people to flavor what you got, and what they have! Our ID Day brings us together in a unique way, and we have the opportunity to sample and to embrace international cultures and cuisines.  Good Word Ministries is good at this!!