Theme: Jesus is Coming this Way!!

Text: Luke 19:1-10


Very often we hear announcement about Jesus coming our way. Yet many of us are too engrossed with other matters and distracted by basic schedule that His coming passes unnoticed!

But, there are those who will make some time for Him because they know or have heard that just a moment with Jesus could dramatically change their lives and situations. And I am here for such people who are saying in their hearts I have got to meet this Jesus today.

TS: Turn to Luke 19:1-10

Zacchaeus – the name means PURE

Vr. 1 – Jesus passes throughJericho: Is it interesting that Jesus is always passing by – your homes, your school, your cities, …

Instances in Scripture when He came passing:

  1. Mk. 5:1-34 The Woman with the issue of blood
  2. John 4:1 – Samaritan woman at the well
  3. Mk 5:21 – Jairus daughter
  4. Mk. 1:40 – the Leprous man
  5. Lk. 17:11-19 – The Ten Lepers
  6. Lk. 13 – A bent-over grand mom is stretched straight
  7. Blind Barthemeaus

Acts 10:38How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.

Vr. 2 – There will always be one or two people looking for Jesus. And if you are here today, Jesus is coming.

-Here Zacchaeus sought to see Him. Who was Zacchaeus?

  1. Chief tax collector
  2. Rich man

Jesus had encounter other poor folks before: Rom.10:12; Acts 10:35

Vr. 3. – Zacchaeus limitations:

–          He sought to see Christ, but could not (Interesting that he sought Christ)

Why: (a) The Crowd (Very often crowds try stopping us from reaching Christ even though we have good intentions) Crowds of opposition, peer pressure and envy like in the case of Barthemaeus. But many times is our own inner and personal crowds that hinder us the strongest: certain bad habits that we don’t want to break from; our careers, pride, and public image, our family…

(b) Secondly, Zacchaeus was Short: – sometimes natural disability, things we seem not to have control over. Always trying in our own strength, but never measuring up!

Zacchaeus Real Problem: He had problem of contradiction: he didn’t have character or integrity

–          He was a celebrity outwardly, and he had the crowd cheering him – go-go Zacchey!  They call him Zaccheaus meaning pure, righteous

–          But inside him, was war, and self-condemnation! Why? Because only him alone knew he was not living up to his name. So, his awareness of his personal lack of integrity kill him softly, and ate him up like a mean cancerous tissue!

–          Folks hated him but were never real to him until the day he decided to change his life and destiny. Friends were not real friends to him. They call him chief while he was around, but thief at his back!!

Application: Are you going through the same situation? The world hails you but you condemn yourself? You can give yourself a good treat by allowing Jesus to give you that balance you need to help you live your life more peacefully and truthfully! When the time comes and you’re offer the opportunity to change your life, you better don’t hesitate. You may not have Jesus coming this way again, ever!

Zaccheaus Attitude: He

  1. Knew he needed something more than his material wealth – Meaning in life. How often most of us ignore that inner craving within that seeks to find rest and meaning!
  2. Overcame his fear and anxieties and became truthful to himself and the longing in his heart.(you can’t hard from yourself – or your feelings. You could pretend, but for how long?)
  3. Recognized Jesus Christ as the only One who could help him out (How many of us simply know the reason for our depression, yet are unwilling to seek the God given solution)
  4. Took the initiative to find Christ when he heard that Jesus was passing his way
  5. He defied every opposition against his appointment with Christ( that includes his own inner conflict, doubts, and embarrassment)-the inner and outer crowds
  6. He sought every help he possibly could. He made all the necessary inquiry about when and where Jesus will be passing through Jericho. And then he even climbed trees. (Today, we are here to help you. You don’t need to climb trees or risk your life in dangerous places anymore)
  7. Zaccheaus took every advantage of the moment knowing today could be the last time Jesus will be passing that way – and he was right because Jesus never returned to Jericho!
  8. When Jesus call him, he didn’t delay one minute. He quickly yielded to the master’s beckoning voice. And Jesus did not reject him but received him happily. People made condemn you, you may condemn yourself but Christ is waiting to receive you!

TS: We can summarize Zaccheaus attitude in three way which are necessary for anyone seeking help from the saviour:

(a)    Truthfulness to your inner searching (It takes people of integrity to yield)

(b)   Obedience to submit to God’s call

(c)    Humility to accept Jesus Christ

TS: Today is your day of salvation, to make Jesus both your saviour and Lord. The bible says, “today is the day of salvation, and when you hear his voice, do not harden your heart”! You can have a new beginning today!!

Jesus wants to receive you joyfully and to enter the house of your heart and to give you his peace. Coming to Christ is the best thing that can ever happen to you. He says, “if anyone comes to Him, he shall in no wise cast him away”. Come just as you are!

–          for Zaccheaus’ sake, Jesus changed his whole itinerary, suspended his busy schedule to spend the day with him. That’s how important you are to Christ. He is never too busy for you. Presidents and kings of this world have strict protocol to follow, but Jesus for your sakes suspends heaven protocol and come down to your level!

–          the thing is Jesus is here tonight, but unless you voluntarily receive Him He can not help you. Light bulbs remain lifeless until they are connected to the power lines. Water flow into your taps in the house because they have been connected to the main supply line in the street; otherwise you will have no water in the house.

–          That’s the secret Zacchaeus knew, so he ran to Jesus. Now is your time to run up front. Stand up and come as quickly as you can!! And Christ will receive you!

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Song: Just As I am