Well, it is the digital age! No one should be left behind. That’s why our Church decided to take things to the next level by furnishing our Sunday School kids with the latest technology, to facilitate their study of the Word of God.

Kids at Good Word Church, have received a number of PC Tablets with touch screen technology provided by members of the Church, to put our Kids at the cutting-edge of modern technology in teaching and learning. They’ve already had their hands on their PC Tablets and they are enjoying them. They are developing and building their confidence in working on Tablets, which is good for their future skills, in the use of technology.

Our kids can now have their Sunday School in a more fun way; seeing on screens through the help of media; digital, interactive images that bring bible stories alive in a unique way for our children. Additionally, they can hear the same stories being read out to them audibly, from their Tablets. They don’t have to be concerned about route learning, because they can put to use their young, productive imagination. The PC Tablets are furnished with applications that allow the children to use different methods of learning; including, interactive bible games, puzzles, bible quizzes with answers, and drawing tool for drawing bible characters, etc.

It is a great way to learn. The kids now have such flexibility with their PC tablets, because they all don’t have to do the same lessons at the same time, and each one of them can go at their own pace once their supervisors help them to start. Some of the applications for their studies are interactive, in ways that prompt the right answers to questions being asked.

Everyone is happy. Our Sunday School teachers, Pastors,  and parents are so grateful to members, and the Church for providing the PC Tablets. Our kids are feeling special with their Tablets, and we thank God for that! This is no doubt a great push ahead for Good Word Kids and the Church, because the potential for our kids to learn and play, are increasingly vast with literally 100’s of useful bible study applications now available!