It certainly surpassed our expectations. All had a great day with very favourable weather conditions. The sun was up, and kept smiling at us until it was time to leave. There was equally a whole lot to do and to enjoy.

Good Word Summer Family & Friends Day-out 2013, began with everyone getting seated at 8.30am and heading for the sea coast at Scarborough. It took a 48 seater luxury coach, provided free of charge by the church, for the trip, to get us there! Men, women, and children from the church and their invited guests were on board.  The atmosphere was seriously relaxed, with video entertainment, for those who preferred a layback drive. At the same time, it was cheerfully electrifying, for those with ‘gift of the gab’, who needed to chit-chat and to catch-up.

We arrived at the coach station at about 10.50am, and everyone, it seems already knew exactly what they wanted to do for the next six hours. Some headed for the town centre right away. Most of us immediately descended onto the beach, as the tide had just receded to allow us enough space to play. We erected our tents, and planted wind breakers, and spread out nicely with some chairs for those who needed them.

The children got on with what children do on the beach; digging, building sand castles, chasing after one another, and scooping sea sand and water in plastic cups. Some of the adults, were already full steam into pitching and kicking footballs, and racketing badmintons. The sporting highlight was a grand Rounder’s match, to which each competing side gave all their best skills in trying to win the other. Not surprisingly, the losers thought, as they always do, that they were the better side, and deserved to win!

It was difficult to resist the temptation, to have fish & chips at seaside, let alone in Scarborough. Well, the evidence is there to show. When it was time, everything else came to a standstill, and all of us scrambled for fish and chips; even those who had planned to suspend their appetite for later, found themselves picking out of their neighbors’ take-away containers.

We did not spare the other attractions. Some went on rides, some took to the open-top tourist buses, some went on the steam trains, and others went to the Lakeside, to catch a sneaky view of the re-enactment of World War II.

Something we all noticed was that, the day past too quickly; and it always does, when people are having fun! It was time to fold up and to return to the bus at 5.30pm. We left Scarborough at about 5.50pm and got back to Durham at about 8.30pm. And yes, everyone was ready for home, hot shower and preferably, bed. But, not the kids; they were still wide awake! We certainly had a God blessed time, and the driver was a true gentleman.

Thank you Good Word Ministries; if we couldn’t afford a holiday for ourselves this summer, you helped us to have had one memorable one! Looking forward to next year’s summer trip. It promises to be even bigger!