Meet Our Staff




Hello, I’m Didi. I pastor Good Word Ministries.
I love the Lord Jesus, He loves me too – pretty obvious, eh? I love to serve and to learn, so Church is the best place to be! I get to meet new friends too. As a pastor I encourage people, and love to literally see multitude experience the love of Jesus and to believe in Him!

I also have a great-great story to tell about Jesus and His miracle in me. I have seen a bit in life. But hey, life goes on, and God has been really good to me.



Assistant Pastor

My name is Dorothy. I am the Assistant Pastor. What all that means is, I do all sorts of things. No work too small or too big! Sometimes I make the toilet ready for everyone, clean the Church, and preach too! I love doing my work – serving God and serving His people.

My main assignment here is to make the Pastor’s job easy by coming alongside him to take God’s vision for Good Word Ministries forward. I do general administration, and also help in Sunday School which I love.  I play keyboard, and like anything Disney Land and Exercise.




I am an NHS guy. Love running, walking my dog and anything outdoor really! I love the Lord with all my heart. Love church – it’s a great atmosphere! My favourite expression: “If you miss church, you miss out.” My favourite words: “Absolutely & Ernestly”. I would do anything for my family, and I love helping people. Totally love my role in church, which is my opportunity to serve God and His people. Forgot to say that, I also do the bus run!

Julie Stubbs


Pastoral Assistant & Admin

My name is Julie, and I look after Sunday School. I think it’s a fantastic job, preparing the next generation and warming their hearts towards God. I also play the drums in Church and help with Church worship. I love instruments and have taught myself by the help of God how to play the drums. I’m working hard on the bass and acoustic guitar. Hopefully, will conquer them soon!

I love coming to Church and love our Church family. When I am not at Church, I’m crunching figures for the local council. I also love physical exercise, walking and biking.




By the grace of God, David comes with considerable experience having been privileged to serve in different ways in the past in the Body of Christ! David loves the LORD;  he and wife, Jane felt a special calling to Good Word Ministries, and since then, they’ve dove right in to see God’s purposes for His Church and people fulfilled!

Women's Leader

I bring it all together, juggling work, church, family, marathon… and you name it!! I will also be there for you when you need a little bit of encouragement :) I have great passion for praise & worship, and serves our growing team of Praise and Worshippers at Church!



Men's Leader

The gentle-giant who brings wisdom to issues! Among other things, he & the pastor also have this one thing in common: they both share the same birthday!



Sunday School Teacher

I am all for the children… I also sing with the Praise & Worship team in the Church! Please come along and see what we’ve got – you’ll love it!!

Event's and Hospitality Coordinator

If you’ve got a great idea for spiritual growth, outreach, or just for fun in Church, bring it along and we will make it happen! I love being in Good Word Ministries with precious sisters and brothers in Christ, celebrating the goodness of God!!