The Upper Room Experience (TURE) 

  • God -Jesus – the Holy Spirit – Church Life for Beginners and Enquirers
  • Inspiring, Engaging, & Life-Enriching
  • New Thinking in Bible Study and Faith Development for Students & Adults

 TURE of Good Word Ministries hosts an annual Blackberry Bush Course (BBCourse) on Friday nights from 7-9pm. The BBCourse is a great way to investigate more about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Christian Faith in a free, friendly and supportive setting. It allows you to explore important questions such as “Who is Jesus?”; “What is the Bible?”, and “How can we have faith?”.

God is love      Because the course is informal and the environment designed to help people relax, there is no pressure for you to do anything, but to be yourself! To pep things up, we also provide a light buffet food, free of charge, at the beginning. A nightly course session usually consist of listening to a 25 minute talk, or watching a short video presentation together, after which we make way for you to say exactly what you think or feel about what was said. There is plenty of time for helpful group discussion. 

Back Ground of BBCourse

Good Word Ministries is the UK and EuropeanFree - design jpg hub for the new and exciting Blackberry Bush Course, which originates from Robinwood Church in California (USA). David Housholder, who is the lead pastor of Robinwood Church and also a consultant to pastors throughout the United States, is the content creator of the BBCourse. The course involves a series of talks on various Christian topics, then giving course guests plenty of space to discuss what’s on their minds. As guests “talk out their faith”, many have experiences of clarification and revelation. The outcome: adult baptisms & discipleship for many of the churches that have run the course.

The normal way the course runs is by inviting guests who are curious about the Christian faith or want to join a group of similar nature that provides safe and relaxed environment for anyone (a seeker) to investigate life from a spiritual point of view.

The BBCourse offers fantastic opportunity for adults and young people to explore the meaning of life, build faith, and to meet new friends in a fun-way, in a free, non-judgemental setting.

 Why Attend?

 The BBCourse is not another ALPHA Course, although there are some important similarities. Obviously, they may dovetail in many areas, because they are both about the Christian Faith and have similar goals. However, if you’ve done the ALPHA course, you can still benefit from the BBCourse and vice versa. New perspectives, additional concepts and illustrations are always added advantage in our quest for answers, and for broadening our scopes!

Joy      At Good Word Ministries where the BBCourse holds at the moment, we have a promise: everyone counts, and you will be treated with the utmost respect! Come and experience the Welcome, the Friendship, the Love, and the Power of God. It’s totally free, and busy mothers are invited because the kids are no problem! Give us a ring to arrange a lift if you need one. Looking forward to personally welcoming you!